About Me

My name is Miro Jefferis-Nendick (MEER-roh JEF-RIS-NEN-DIK), and I am an American born New Zealander living in America. Confused? I am too!

I was born in Athens, GA while my mother got her MA and my father his PhD, and when I was 15 months old we moved back to New Zealand. I grew up in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. I lived there for 16 GLORIOUS years before I moved to America when I was 17, by myself, to attend college and make use of those two passports that I have.

My mother is a costume designer and my father a plant pathologist, so a sprinkling of creativity was bound to happen.

I’ve never been a terribly big reader, but my Dad often read to me as a child, and my mum always bought me such fantastic books to read.

I also watched a lot of fantastic movies, TV, and documentaries with my family. Anything to do with dinosaurs, horror, science-fiction, and animals was all I consumed. I never wrote as a child, but drew a lot and always seemed to be coming up with stories that I spoke aloud as I played.

It was a Fall Out Boy music video that I watched at 13 years old that made me into a writer. It was a Sunday morning when I wandered into the dining room and saw it, and suddenly this story just formed in my head. From then on you couldn’t stop the ideas from appearing there, and most often it’s from listening to a piece of music.

Though my new found love for writing I got my Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Film and Professional Writing, and I am currently studying to get my Master of Arts in Professional Writing.