Academic Writing

Unlike many people that I know, my major remained the same from when I started university till when I graduated five years later. Over those five years as an English Major I wrote many essays. Some were good and some weren’t as good, but each one had merit and I learned along the way and became a better writer. Here are a few I have selected to show not only my range of topics and interests, but also how I’ve grown as a writer.

Who Is Alice – Argumentation Essay

In my first semester at university in my English 1101 class I was tasked with writing an argumentation essay. Being the big nerd I am I wrote about Resident Evil.

Merchant Ivory and the Terminators – Compare Contrast Essay

In the same English 1101 class we had to write a compare contrast essay. Again, like the nerd I am, I compared The Terminator films with Howards End and A Room With a View.

Bram Stoker: The original master of Horror – Documented Essay

After transferring to Kennesaw State University I took Introduction to English studies. Our final paper was a documented essay where we critically analysed a text we read. I chose our dark lord Dracula.

Hag – Word History Essay

In my History of the English Language class we had to choose a word and write about it’s history and changes throughout time. I chose to write about the word hag.

A Tidy Up Kiwi – Digital Storytelling Project

One semester I took Writing in Digital Environments, and one of our projects was to create a digital story for children. Since I’m a New Zealander I had to create a kiwi story, and so created one about some of our native birds. I am by no means an artist, so please excuse the crude, crude drawings. But do enjoy my accent coming out 🙂

“It is possible to care so much for a fellow!”: Rethinking relationships between Robert and George in Lady Audley’s Secret – Research Based Essay

In my 19th Century British Literature class for our final essay we had to create a research-based argument on one of the books we’d read throughout the class. I wrote about men’s relationships in Lady Audley’s Secret.

“So much could never be mentioned”: E.M. Forster’s queer view on and his possible distain for “normal” relationships in Maurice – Research Based Essay

In my 20th Century British Literature class for our final essay we had to create a 10 to 12 page, researched literary analysis that focused on some aspect of love. I wrote about “normal” relationships in Maurice.

“Only in the zodiac’s second act will we begin to show ourselves”: Post-Modernism, Imitation, Clairvoyance, and neo-Victorian genres in Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries – Seminar Paper

For my senior seminar paper we had to create a research based essay on a Neo-Victorian book of our choosing. Again being a New Zealander, I choose a book written by a New Zealander and set in New Zealand.

“I’m Very Particular With My Words”: Far Cry 4 And The Rhetorical Choices And Situations Complicated By Dissoi Logoi And Other Rhetorical Texts – Independent Researched Argument

In my rhetorical theory class our final project was an independent researched argument in which we engaged in extended rhetorical analysis of a verbal text. I began my undergrad with writing about video games, and I ended it writing about video games. In this project I analysed Far Cry 4.

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