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Resident Evil Cosplay Group

In 2012 a friend and I created a facebook page (which in reality should’ve been a group) to coordinate photoshoots and meetups to do with cosplaying Resident Evil, which is a video game series. What started off as this silly little page where we were just planning to meet up with friends, has become a very large and popular page. I now solely run the page and coordinate two-three meetup and photoshoots per year at a number of local conventions including MomoCon, DragonCon, and Anime Weekend Atlanta. I have also gotten voice actors from Resident Evil to appear at several of our shoots and take photos with everyone. I also post any news I find about Resident Evil, as well as memes, other cosplayers, and just general information. As of right now (December 2019) we have almost 2000 likes.

Photo by LunaAlexis Photography.

BPRInsurance Cosplay

Jumping on the bandwagon of everyone making their own cosplay pages, I also created one. I don’t give as much time and attention to the page as I do for my Resident Evil one, but I have some photos of many of the cosplays I have done on there. I’d probably spend more time on the page if I had 1) better photos, and 2) a regular photographer to work with. If you know anyone contact me!

Photo by LunaAlexis Photography.

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