Creative Writing

Since 2006 when I started creatively writing I have been writing an assortment of short and long fiction on a variety of topics including: science-fiction, romance, teen drama, horror, and fanfiction. I have also branched into a little poetry, and while in my undergrad I started writing screenplays. Here are a few samples of my work:


Zealandia – Chapter 1

The first chapter in my sci-fi trilogy. A bildungsroman following Marianne Summers and her growth into adulthood in the 29th century.

Xiphias XXIII

Sequel to Zealandia. The story follows Marianne’s sister, Michelle, and an incident she encounters on a planet called Xiphias XXIII.


Violaceus – Chapter 1

Third story in the ZXV trilogy. Another bildungsroman following Marianne and Michelle’s ancestor, Maureen, and her navigation through the 31st century.

Mansion With Many Rooms – Chapter 1

This story follows Maire Pearson and the psychological horror of the mansion that her and her husband are trying to rob.


Here is a link to my fanfiction account on I currently have only two stories uploaded, but watch this space as more will be appearing soon.

The two stories that are currently on there are both about Resident Evil and were written in 2012.

Short Stories

I Love Holden

Story about a boy who loves cars.

I Love Wendy’s

Story about a boy going to the dentist.

The Tolling of the Bells

Story about a French couple after WWI.

Two Days

Story about a struggle outside a hospital.


Blessed State


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Distant Sun


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Turn It Off


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